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The dog days of summer are upon us up on beautiful Lake Vermilion. We are now feeling the after effects of the mayfly hatch, with your smaller edible walleyes full like after Thanksgiving dinner. Good opportunities persist however on a multitude of species with great, stable weather forecasted in the near future, this should also improve the bite day by day.


One would be lying if they said it was “easy” bite right now. From bug larvae on your smaller fish, to the massive amounts of crayfish and perch fry on your larger fish, this fertile body of water has plenty of food down there to provide competition for anglers. Its best to just keep moving until you find active fish. Typically these fish will raised off bottom on sand or rocks, and glued to bottom grabbing larvae on mud flats. Slip bobber fishing with whole crawlers on rocks, lindy rigging on deeper sand, and slow trolling smaller cranks over deep mud flats are all go-to’s now when active fish are found on either type of structure. Keep in mind the old adage of “matching the hatch”. Keep it slow and simple.


Musky fisherman are finding fish still in open water, isolated cabbage beds and your primary and secondary structures. Big blades, slow moving topwaters are both good bets to land fish. With surface water temperatures so high, prompt CPR (catch photo release) is of utmost importance.
Smallmouth fishing has been good as of late, with plenty of footballs being caught. Isolated boulders near sand in the 8-12ft range has been best. Fish are feeding heavily on crayfish, or perch fry depending on the basin. If its primarily a crayfish forage base where one is fishing, then primary structure is best, however if perch is the preferred forage, big boulders near open water basins (i.e secondary structure) is favorable. Again this depends on the basin and is up to the angler to find out and “match the hatch” for themselves.
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