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Mother nature is finally sobering up and it’s starting to feel like summer again. The whirlwind of weather patterns the last week have had many fish in and out of a funk, however they quickly snapped out of it! At the time of writing this, fishing is excellent for all species across the board. The best of what Vermilion has to offer is in front of us; get out while you can!


Windblown sand flats and breaks are now the ticket to the promiseland. Targeting these areas in the 12-24ft ranges is one’s best bet in locating quality fish and weeding out the nursery fish. Humminbirds Mega or Side-Imaging has been a total game changer in locating walleyes in transit. Forage is switching from a predominantly larvae base, to perch fry. Therefore most bites as of late have been aggressive. Lindy rigging large leeches or minnows at quicker speeds has been best, however don’t rule out an awesome jig rap bite. Raps bring the best out in these fish with a strong reactionary bite. Give your baits a split second pause at the bottom of your jigging cadence to maximize its effectiveness.


Many anglers have been reporting some stellar musky action with the varying pressure systems and full moon period upon us this last week. Windblown rock structure as well as deep cabbage edges have been best. Triple bladed apaches by Musky Frenzy have been working well for anglers while consistently varying blade color, size, and retrieve speed. When weather allows topwaters are a staple now as well as after dark. As always, this recycled fishery requires CPR in a smart and timely manner!

Vermilion bass


Smallie fishing has been great as of late. Fish are absolutely gorging themselves on molting crayfish. Fishing primary points and secondary structure in the 10-15ft depths have been best. Quality fish have been found in these areas with large boulders providing ambush points for larger fish. When you find them, hold on because there will most likely be much more than just one football nearby! Senkos, tubes, and drop shotting leech patterned plastics in these areas will produce.

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