Appeal to the Fish’s Prevailing Senses

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Fish don’t have much choice where they live. They either adapt to their conditions or they don’t survive. Fortunately, many species adapt quite well even in less than ideal habitat utilizing their array of senses to help them feed, avoid being eaten and reproduce.
Water clarity plays a major role in determining fish behavior. Fish that live in gin clear water for example often rely on sight as their predominant sense for survival. Yet the same species living dark dingy river environment where sight is limited tend to rely more on their senses of smell, feel and hearing.
So, what does this mean for angler?
Fish in clear water can see at greater distance and are better able to discern flaws in your presentation. Lures with subtle nature colors and lifelike profiles are needed to entice bites. In dark or dingy water, bright colors, vibration and sound are critical for fish to find your lure.
In the most simple terms you have to appeal to the fish’s prevailing senses.

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