When to Stay Put for Crappies

by | Oct 20, 2020 | 0 comments

You know mobility is a big word these days in ice fishing; being able to move and cover ground, but sometimes mobility can be counterproductive. When mother nature doesn’t allow sometimes it pays to sit and wait for them to come to you. When it comes to setting up your house for the day location is everything. You need to make sure you position it on a location where Crappies and other panfish are going to come into feed.

Depending on the lake it could be a number of different structures, but in our example it was a weed to mud transition with the house position more towards the weeds. 

We used our Aqua-Vu Mirco camera to find the weed line transition. It allowed us to scout for fish, but also see the quality of weeds down there. You want to find the tallest and greenest weeds possible, because that is what is going to attract food for panfish. 

Once you find the area you want to fish, setting up your house in an efficient way is going to allow you fish with comfort and catch more Crappies. It starts with hole placement inside the house. 

We like to set up our house so we are able to move around easily, but also have our baits spread out. I also like adding a few smaller separate hole for the camera and transducer so I don’t have fish getting tangled in them.

We used the Strikemaster 40 volt with the light flight bit to set up our house efficiently. When you use the strike master 40 volt you really don’t want to apply a lot of pressure when you’re cutting. The blades will actually cut faster if you don’t.

Once you find your spot and set up your house be prepared for panfish to come through throughout the day, but you’ll really have an uptick in action once you get to those prime feeding times.

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