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Ice Fishing for Big Walleye on Big Windy

by | Nov 26, 2018 | 0 comments

It is no secret that some of the largest walleyes in North America call Lake Winnipeg home. As such, ice fishing for trophy greenbacks on this Manitoba inland ocean is a pursuit that thousands of anglers enjoy every hardwater season.

From the earliest days of safe ice to the very last hours of the walleye angling season in the spring, the possibility of hooking into a monster is there. More often than not on this amazing body of water, putting in your time on the ice will result in big fish rewards.

We went on a hawg hunting trip to ‘Big Windy’ late last winter that is highlighted in this video.

The area that we honed in on on this day was near the mouth of the Red River in shallow water less than 7 feet under the ice.

For more information about planning an ice fishing trip to Lake Winnipeg or the Red River visit

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