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Scatter Raps: They Catch Fish!

by | Sep 26, 2018 | 0 comments

Scatter Raps: They Catch Fish!

“It’s always a good thing to be one of the first ones on your favorite lake to fish one of the newest, hottest baits out there on the market.” – Al Lindner

And according to Al Lindner, one of the hottest baits to come around in a long time is the Scatter Rap.

Rapala’s Scatter Raps have one of the most revolutionary design concepts we’ve seen in years. Their wide saddle-shaped bill is the driving force behind their unique scattering action. At slow-to-moderate speeds, Scatter Raps run straight and true. But once they reach a certain speed, they begin to veer erratically from one side to the other, imitating a panicked baitfish before returning to a straight path. Speed is the primary factor determining the degree of scattering action; the faster you move them, the more dramatically and often they scatter.

There’s a Scatter Rap Minnow, a Shad, a Crank, and even a Scatter Rap CountDown that sinks when paused and then swims back at a desired depth. Each model has a different profile to match common forage species. These baits unlock a whole new dimension to presentation.


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