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The beauty of fishing a shield lake is that areas can be broken up into almost entirely different fisheries. When the fishing gets tough in one “section”, go try the next. One of the many reasons I love Vermilion!


Fishing continues to be hot and cold at times. You can get bit time after time one day, and return to the same area and struggle to get any the next. Getting on the right groups of fish is a big determinant of one’s success on the water. Fish in one area may be using a different forage source which can lead to more or less bites. Keep moving and put your graphing skills to work! A lot of my fish lately have been found in sand to rock transitional areas of 18-24ft. This however will vary from area to area with deeper fish being present on mud and open water, while larger fish can still be found on shallow windblown rock. Lindy Rigging leeches and crawlers, snap jigging, and slip bobber fishing have all put plenty of walleyes in the boat; fish the conditions. Cool temperatures in the nighttime hours have resulted in many bug hatches on certain areas of the lake making competition stiff. Be mobile, come prepared for any technique, and you should get results.


On the western basins of the lake pike fishing has been good. Finding deeper cabbage edges with your side imaging and working those areas well with swim baits or chartreuse spinners has caught numerous fish.


Not much has changed in this department. I have been finding larger bass on primary structure such as fingers and points with large isolated boulders. 12-17ft is kind of the range I key in on, however there will be fish shallower as well. As far as artificial’s go, creature and crayfish type plastics on a jig or 3.5” tubes are mainstays. Slip bobber fishing with leeches or rigging suckers will catch fish.


The last week of muskie fishing has been great. Primary and secondary structure with some deep stuff nearby is what I like to look for when scouting new areas. Fish have came on rubber and top water in my boat the last week, with one XL being boated, (photos to come). Low light and pre-post frontal periods are key. Fish the conditions and area, topwater has been a go to if conditions allow.

Jarek Wujkowski
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Lake Vermilion Walleye

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