Northern Minnesota Fishing Report – Chris Berglund

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One of the best factors about early February fishing is we usually have some consistent weather and that helps the fish settle down, which allows us to put a plan together and smack ‘em. Lake conditions are good, we are finding an average ice thickness of over 2 ft. But with the recent snow and winds, if you don’t have a plowed road you are still able to go anywhere, just make sure to step on the gas through those snow drifts.

Lake Winnie has been producing perch in 17-20 ft. and 22-24 ft. of water throughout the lake. Moses Flats, the east side of Horseshoe Bar, and Hunters Hump have all been good areas to target aggressive perch. Walleyes have been spotty, but when you find one they seem to be in wolf packs. The best time for walleye is that last hour before dark focusing on the edges of humps up until the last hour. After that you can slide up on top to target those hungry feeding walleyes. Northerns are also being caught but are scattered throughout the lake and are fairly consistent anywhere you are finding perch.

Red Lake walleyes are as good as they have been all year. Find 13-14 ft. on the mud and you will find fish. They are still very aggressive and hitting the Clam Leech Flutter Spoons, but don’t forget your dead stick. Red Lake walleyes have seen it all and I can’t say it enough, some days the dead stick will out produce jigging by a significant margin.

Now my FAVORITE part, CRAPPIES! The crappie bite is off the charts in the Grand Rapids Area. I have been catching them on local stained water lakes in the 22-25 ft. Some days I have had to search for a little deeper water but the best range has been that 22-25ft depth range. I have mainly used my Clam Legacy 26″ Light Action SB rod with a small tungsten jig tipped with a white Clam Maki Jamei. I can say without a doubt that this combo has worked all season long, day in and day out, without having to do much changing at all. The key to successful crappie fishing is being mobile and active. Those fish move through quickly, you can sit and wait but it might be a half hour or more before they come back around. However, it’s way more fun to chase them in my opinion.

Good Luck and Tight Lines!

Chris Berglund
Team Yukon Outdoors

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