fishing up, panfish spoons

Using Panfish Spoons and Fishing Up


One of the big benefits of using spoons for panfish is that you’re typically going to catch some of the largest crappies, gills and perch in the area. Fishing higher in the water column is a big key to making this presentation work.

In the video above, Kevan Paul is fishing an 8 foot weed bed, and he’s working his spoon just 3 feet below the ice. That’s much higher than most anglers will generally fish. The benefit of fishing higher is that you’re going to attract active fish down on the bottom, but you’ll also catch the fish that are cruising around looking for food higher in the water column.

Plain and simple, you’ll see a big increase in the overall quality of fish you’re catching when you work your bait further from the bottom.

In the words of Kevan: “Don’t be the guy down at the bottom fishing for the little fish”. Utilize panfish spoons and draw out those bigger fish in the school.

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