Bottom Bouncer Tips: Why It’s Important to Keep the Right Line Angle

by | Sep 2, 2016 | 0 comments

Bottom Bouncer Tips:Some good info from Mike Frisch (Fishing the Midwest):

“Some of my best walleye catching presentations involve using a bottom bouncer, whether it be a spinner or just a plain snell, slow-death style.

“To me, there’s one big key to having success with bottom bouncers: Use one that are heavy enough to maintain bottom contact with no more than a 45-degree angle of line out. If you let more line out than that, you’re going to hangup on the bottom. The other thing that happens when you let out too much line is you’re killing the stop-and-go stuttering action of the bottom bouncer. If you can keep the bottom bouncer fairly vertical, it will stutter along bottom and you’ll catch a lot more fish.

“Another key is choosing a quality bottom bouncer. I prefer ones that have a good, stiff wire. I absolutely love the Rock-Runner Bottom Bouncer from Northland. It has a stiff heavy gauge wire, it does a great job of maintaining the stuttering action, and it helps me determine the contents of the bottom. It’s really a sensitive device.”

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