The warm fall weather paired with a recent rainfall has made for some excellent walleye fishing on the Wolf River from Fremont to New London.  The recent rain has increased current drawing plenty of males with a few females up the river in search of food and wintering grounds. As the water cools, fish are feeding heavily to store some fat for the long winter ahead.  Guides Troy Peterson – Mr.Bluegill and Jeff Nuechterlein spent the day up in the New London area slipping the current with 1/8 oz. to 1/4 oz. bright colored jigs tipped with 3″ Milwaukee shiners.  Boat control was key as the fish wanted the bait a little behind the current. Keeping the MinnKota on a low power to slow the drift was key.  The fish were biting short a lot of the time so the use of a stinger hook would have definitely helped with hookups.  Most fish are averaging in the 15-17″ range.  The bite should continue to get better as the water temperature cools down.  Enjoy the soft water while it lasts, winter will soon turn the water hard and the use of augers and tipups will replace the boat and landing nets.