Winter Weed Walleyes

As walleyes make a late-winter push toward shallower feeding areas, large shoreline flats with weeds become prime ice fishing spots. Untapped fish are often available in surprisingly shallow water.

One of the biggest keys to consistently catching Walleyes in the winter is location and today we are going to look at locational strategies for winter Walleyes.

Big Walleyes are just like like big bucks; you just got to stay in your stand and get ready for them. Just when your guards down, that’s when the fish come through. The best thing you can do be ready at all times.

When you think of typical Walleye structure, you think of rock humps out in deep water, or a basin that has a rise in it or even maybe a transition zone from hard to soft bottom. We like using our Aqua-Vu cameras to find the right structure we are looking for.

The structure we are fishing today is a little bit different and that’s because we’re fishing weeds on top of a sandbar.

 A lot of people don’t realize some of the biggest walleyes in a lake are often found in weeds.

During winter, Walleye anglers usually fish deeper edges of prominent main lake structure, but today we’re going against the grain.

When fishing shallow for active fish it is essential to find food. If you can find bait you will find some winter weed walleyes.