If you plan on fishing all day outside in the elements staying warm can be difficult. Today, Jason Rylander gives his ultimate guide to staying warm on the ice to help you stay warm and comfortable this winter.

It starts with the base layer. I like to have a good pair of long underwear and a moister wicking long sleeve undershirt.

Then I make sure I have a good pair of wool socks. Once you have the inner layers I like to go with a heavy pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt. They just allow for more comfort.

I will also bring a second hoodie to wear if I need a little extra warmth.

For boots, I love the Clam Sub Zero X boots. What is great about these boots is that they are complete rubber so they are completely waterproof. They also have a drawstring on the top of the boot to keep them tight and keep snow out.

One thing I did is I bought an extra pair of the inner liner. That way if I’m going on a multiple-day trip and don’t have the capabilities to dry out the liner overnight, I can switch out for dry ones.

As far as suits go I like the Clam Extreme Advantage Suit. This suit was made for the toughest conditions and keeps you warm and comfortable.

One of the biggest keys to staying warm is layering your clothes. That way if you are moving around a bunch you cant take off a layer, or add a layer if need be.