Tricking Out your Flasher Bag

One of the things that can help you catch Largemouth Bass, Crappies, Sunfish, Walleyes, and more through the ice is having a couple of different presentation options at the ready.

I want to share with you how I’ve got my fish finder set up for being mobile and ice fishing outside.

So you’ll notice I’ve got a couple of rod holders mounted on the side.

One rod I’ll have some sort of hardball or spoon and the other rod will have a small plastic set up.

I can always carry two rods and if I need to set my rod down, I’ve got a place that I can just set the rod to keep the reel out of the slush.

Another thing I carry on my flasher unit is a little ice scoop.

This is just one of those cheap ice scoops that you can get at basically any gas station or bait shop.

On these Humminbird Helix units, there’s a little D-ring on the flasher bag and I just hook the scoop onto that.

I’ve got it bent and I’ll make a little cut in the handle and put a little bend on there.

You’ll also notice I wrap it with electrical tape. That is so when my hands are wet and it’s really cold my fingers my skin won’t stick to the metal handle.

Now on the side of my flasher bag, I keep two things. The first is a bait puck. Bait pucks are nice because it can save you a lot of trips back to your gear and you’ll just have your bait handle and ready to go. The second thing I carry on the side of my flasher bag is my pillars.