Over the years there has been a lot of interesting trends in ice fishing for panfish. Originally anglers started out with aggressive baits and methods and then over time made a switch to subtle tactics for panfish.

Things are starting to come full circle and what I mean by that is if you were to take a look back about 10 years ago. Power fishing for panfish just started to become popular. Before power fishing it was real delicate presentations with light line and small baits.

Then power fishing took over and anglers started to fish fast and aggressive. They would often drill a bunch of holes, stay on the move, use plastics and other aggressive style baits.

Tungsten had just arrived on the scene and baits like the NorthLand’s Tungsten Hard-Rock Mooska jig and other tear drop patterns became very popular.

With the power fishing method anglers were often using heavier line like 3 – 4lb monofilament and stiffer rods.

Now anglers today have started making the switch back to real subtle tactics for panfish.

It involves 1 – 2 lb test mono, with micro jigs and ultra noodle rods.

A lot of ice fisherman are going back to lead vertical jigs for panfish. This is because they often offer a smaller profile and move less water than horizontal style tungsten jigs. The jig size may be very similar but because of how it sits in the water the presentation appears smaller.

It all happened over the past ten years and it has been really interesting to see how anglers have adapted and changed tactics over time.