Stocked trout lakes offer an underrated ice fishing experience during a time when most folks are thinking walleye, pike and panfish. What makes this type of fishing especially enjoyable is the visual aspect.

Often times, you’re fishing in ultra-clear water where sight fishing is easy and underwater cameras can see a LONG ways. Dig around online and you might be surprised how many stocked trout lakes you have in your area.

When it comes to catching stocked trout there are two baits I will start with. The first is an aggressive style minnow profile bait like Rapala Rippin Rap.

It has an aggressive action and gives off a ton of noise calling in the fish. I will also tip one of the treble hooks with a wax worm so the trout have something to key in on.

If I am having success seeing first with the Rippin Rap, but they are not hitting it I will switch over to a small tungsten jig like Northland’s Mite Mouse Jig and I will tip it with a wax worm or spike.

Trout are very visual feeders and changing your presentation can greatly improve your success rate.

Don’t be afraid to change lures often until you find out what the trout are willing to bite.