Now is PRIMETIME for panfishing in the Upper Midwest. Most folks are focusing their attention on walleyes, bass, pike, etc., but this is when the panfish bite really starts to turn up. While springtime crappies and sunfish aren’t terribly difficult to catch, it pays to have a diverse arsenal for different fishing conditions.

Panfish Lures


VMC Boot Tail Spinnerbait – $2.99
Mr. Crappie Spin Daddy – $3.39
Rapala Ultra Light Crank – $5.69
Rapala Ultra Light Minnow – $5.69
Northland Impulse Pre-Rigged Lures – $2.16



Northland Bionic Panfish Line – $3.71
St. Croix Panfish Rod (100258838) – $119.99
Daiwa Legalis LT 1000 – $69.99



Northland Lite-Bite Bobber – $2.69
Thill Center Slider Float – $2.79
Rapala Fish ‘n Fillet Knife – $13.69


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