As an additional member of Manitoba’s hybrid trout club, the splake is an interesting cross of the brook and lake trout. Big splake continually attract the likes of anglers who are seemingly drawn to their appealing presence and challenging pursuit.

With seasonal colors that would rival the Northern Lights, this often unpredictable predator offers a token Manitoba angling experience that is usually partial to choice seasons. Close encounters with huge, weary splake is a favored occasion for hard core fly fishers and seasoned trout followers.

Having the strength and explosiveness of a lake trout and the allusive nature of a brook trout, the splake is an inspiring species that produces hallmark battles on some of the most attractive fisheries in Manitoba. You may find yourself targeting these awesome opponents in cold, clear waters that would compare to the aqua green and blue colors of the Caribbean.

Like all trout species in Manitoba, the splake grows to an impressive size and offers opportunities for fish that exceed 28 inches!


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