During those frigid cold weather stretches throughout the winter, sitting on panfish and waiting for them to come to you can often be one of the most effective methods.

One way to increase the number of panfish you bring topside is by setting a dead stick next to you.

With the addition of an extra line down there increasing your chances it also helps keep the school around longer. Panfish are very inquisitive and a live flickering minnow will often draw them in.

Now there are three styles of lures you will want to have access to if you plan on sitting on panfish and the first is an aggressive style bait like the Rapala Jigging Rap or Rapala Rippin Rap.

These do a great job of calling in the fish and targeting the largest fish in the school.

The second style bait I would have at the ready is a small spoon. I like the VMC Chandler Jig or the smallest Northland Forage Minnow Spoon.

Now I also try to use these spoons in Glo colors because I am a firm believer that it helps attract in the panfish, especially at night. I will often tip the spoons with a small crappie minnow head or a few wax worms.

The third bait I will have tied up is a small tungsten jig with a plastic. I prefer to use plastics because of the really delicate and finesse action you can get with them.

Some of my top go to plastics would be the VMC Waxtail Jig or the Northland Impulse Bloodworm. Both of these plastics have a ton of action and can really help trigger lethargic crappies or bluegills into biting.

Now generally I will always start with the Jigging Rap, but you can’t be afraid to switch depending on the mood of the fish. Ultizing a deadstick and these baits will help you catch more panfish.