Whether you’re spending the weekend in Canada, or at an up-north destination lake like Vermilion, Mille Lacs, LOTW or Big Winnie, shore lunch is a mandatory part of any weekend on the water. Here are a few great shore lunch tips from Darrel, who has prepared hundreds of them for customers at his lodge on Ghost River in Ontario:

#1 – A good sharp fillet knife is a MUST for efficient fish preparation. Darrel is an expert fillet-man and his favorite is the classic Rapala fillet knife. He estimates that you can fillet about 500 fish per knife.
#2 – A level frying pan is key for frying fish evenly. Darrel’s trick is to use a stick to level out your pan, and when the stick burns off, you just add another one.
#3 – Always place the breaded fillets skin-side down first. This will prevent them from curling up and cooking unevenly.
#4 – Pre-boiled potatoes or canned potatoes will speed the cooking process, and still taste great!
#5 – Beans should simply be heated, not boiled. Boiled beans turn to mush.
#6 – Don’t eat it too fast! Make sure to enjoy every bite. šŸ˜‰