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Episode #DateDayTime
05/02/2016Monday9:30 PM
05/02/2016Monday2:30 AM
05/03/2016Tuesday8:30 AM
05/06/2016Friday2:30 PM
05/07/2016Saturday7:30 AM
05/08/2016Sunday10:30 AM
05/09/2016Monday9:30 PM
05/09/2016Monday2:30 AM
05/10/2016Tuesday8:30 AM
05/13/2016Friday2:30 PM
05/14/2016Saturday7:30 AM
05/16/2016Monday6:30 PM
05/16/2016Monday10:00 PM
05/20/2016Friday10:30 AM
05/21/2016Saturday7:30 AM
05/23/2016Monday6:30 PM
05/23/2016Monday10:00 PM
05/27/2016Friday10:30 AM
05/28/2016Saturday7:30 AM
05/30/2016Monday6:00 PM
05/30/2016Monday10:30 PM
05/30/2016Monday2:30 AM
05/31/2016Tuesday8:30 AM
06/03/2016Friday2:30 PM
06/04/2016Saturday7:30 AM
06/05/2016Sunday10:00 AM
06/06/2016Monday6:30 PM
06/06/2016Monday10:00 PM
06/10/2016Friday2:30 PM
06/11/2016Saturday7:30 AM
06/13/2016Monday6:30 PM
06/13/2016Monday12:30 AM
06/14/2016Tuesday8:30 AM
06/17/2016Friday2:30 PM
06/18/2016Saturday7:30 AM
06/20/2016Monday6:30 PM
06/20/2016Monday10:00 PM
06/24/2016Friday12:30 PM
06/25/2016Saturday7:30 AM
06/26/2016Sunday10:00 AM
06/27/2016Monday6:30 PM
06/27/2016Monday10:00 PM
07/01/2016Friday12:30 PM
07/02/2016Saturday7:30 AM
07/04/2016Monday6:00 PM
07/07/2016Thursday5:00 PM
07/08/2016Friday12:00 PM
07/09/2016Saturday7:30 AM
07/10/2016Sunday9:30 AM
07/11/2016Monday6:00 PM
07/11/2016Monday10:00 PM
07/15/2016Friday12:00 PM
07/16/2016Saturday7:30 AM
07/18/2016Monday6:00 PM
07/18/2016Monday10:00 PM
07/22/2016Friday2:00 PM
07/23/2016Saturday7:30 AM
07/25/2016Monday9:30 PM
07/25/2016Monday2:30 AM
07/26/2016Tuesday8:30 AM
07/29/2016Friday12:00 PM
07/30/2016Saturday7:30 AM






Times Displayed are Central Standard Time






Episode #DateDayTime
1 -05/02/2016Monday6:00 PM
1 -05/02/2016Monday10:30 PM
1 -05/02/2016Monday2:30 AM
1 -05/03/2016Tuesday8:30 AM
1 -05/06/2016Friday2:30 PM
1 -05/07/2016Saturday7:30 AM
1 -05/08/2016Sunday10:30 AM
2 -05/09/2016Monday6:00 PM
2 -05/09/2016Monday10:30 PM
2 -05/09/2016Monday2:30 AM
2 -05/10/2016Tuesday8:30 AM
2 -05/13/2016Friday2:30 PM
2 -05/14/2016Saturday7:30 AM
3 -05/16/2016Monday10:30 PM
3 -05/16/2016Monday2:30 AM
3 -05/17/2016Tuesday9:30 AM
3 -05/20/2016Friday10:30 AM
3 -05/21/2016Saturday7:30 AM
4 -05/23/2016Monday6:00 PM
4 -05/23/2016Monday10:30 PM
4 -05/23/2016Monday2:30 AM
4 -05/24/2016Tuesday8:30 AM
4 -05/27/2016Friday12:30 PM
4 -05/28/2016Saturday7:30 AM
5 -05/30/2016Monday6:30 PM
5 -05/30/2016Monday10:00 PM
5 -06/03/2016Friday2:30 PM
5 -06/04/2016Saturday7:30 AM
5 -06/05/2016Sunday10:00 AM
6 -06/06/2016Monday6:30 PM
6 -06/06/2016Monday10:00 PM
6 -06/10/2016Friday2:30 PM
6 -06/11/2016Saturday7:30 AM
7 -06/13/2016Monday6:30 PM
7 -06/13/2016Monday12:30 AM
7 -06/14/2016Tuesday8:30 AM
7 -06/17/2016Friday2:30 PM
7 -06/18/2016Saturday7:30 AM
8 -06/20/2016Monday7:00 PM
8 -06/24/2016Friday2:30 PM
8 -06/25/2016Saturday7:30 AM
8 -06/26/2016Sunday10:00 AM
9 -06/27/2016Monday6:30 PM
9 -06/27/2016Monday10:00 PM
9 -07/01/2016Friday2:30 PM
9 -07/02/2016Saturday7:30 AM
10 -07/04/2016Monday6:00 PM
10 -07/07/2016Thursday5:00 PM
10 -07/08/2016Friday2:00 PM
10 -07/09/2016Saturday7:30 AM
10 -07/10/2016Sunday9:30 AM
11 -07/11/2016Monday7:00 PM
11 -07/15/2016Friday12:00 PM
11 -07/16/2016Saturday7:30 AM
12 -07/18/2016Monday9:30 PM
12 -07/18/2016Monday2:30 AM
12 -07/19/2016Tuesday8:30 AM
12 -07/22/2016Friday2:00 PM
12 -07/23/2016Saturday7:30 AM
13 -07/25/2016Monday7:00 PM
13 -07/29/2016Friday2:00 PM
13 -07/30/2016Saturday7:30 AM

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