Here’s a quick breakdown of the Michigan salmon and trout fishing opportunities available throughout the upcoming months:

James Lindner: Right now I’m fishing with Chad Dilts from Sport Fish Michigan and what Chad does is targets a lot of their stream fishing for cold water species. He’s going to give us a little rundown on what those guys do throughout the course of the season.

Chad Dilts: As far as our cold water species season goes, we’re here in November and then we lead into December and later into the season for steelhead, and we have great trout fishing for both the conventional gear angler and the fly angler. Just about the time that ice is out, we’re ready to get after that steelhead for the spring run – whatever fish have held over and whatever fish are coming in for the spring run. That’s in February, March, and April, which are some really bang-up months for everybody around here to target steelhead both for guides, bank anglers, and other people that are just fun fishing in boats to take advantage of good fishing.

We target the Michigan salmon species – the king salmon and the coho salmon – all through August and September once things start winding down on the big lake.

We do cater to whoever would like to fish for the resident trout population both in May and June, and even in July. but we spend a lot of time out on the lakes chasing bass that time of the year. But we do like to let people know that we have guides in our area that can offer both fly and conventional gear guide trips for those trout both in June and July.

We have some great river systems, some small tributaries, and some even bigger, faster moving cooler ones. If you wanted to fish on foot or if you’d like to go on a drift boat, we can also cater to those people, as well.

Troy Lindner: The last time I was in Michigan, I was fishing the Detroit River for big smallmouth bass. It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to get back there. There’s hot and heavy action and the fish grow to some impressive Great Lakes proportions!