What an interesting week this has been. Though out the week, when we left the dock we never knew what the day would produce. We started the week like we ended last week with 90% of the creel consisting of lake trout and the remaining 10% being steelhead and kings. By Wednesday the creels consisted of 50% lake trout and 50% kings and steelhead. Thursday and Friday produced creels consisting of 90% kings and 10% lake trout and steelhead. By Saturday we were back to primarily lake trout with an occasional silver fish. Fishing between fronts on Sunday we caught some coho along with some steelhead, lake trout and kings. Even though the fishing was unpredictable, the size of the fish was very good with catches having an average of 11 or 12 pounds per fish. The kings that we caught this week ranged from 16 to 22 pounds. We got to a point in the middle of the week were we decided that “less was more”. We had to reduce the number of copper lines and divers we ran because the kings would hit and run out 700 feet of line or more and be into the other lines and we would loose the fish and gear. Again, very good fishing with creel limits of 8 to 16 fish per trip, however very unpredictable creel results.

Once again, the lake trout were primarily taken with silver flashers and dodgers with oceana flies and green spin n glos. We are pulling these on the low wire divers and downriggers on the bottom. The kings are coming on the high divers, 400 coppers and also midwater downriggers with blue bubble flashers and flies, white slick flashers and no see um flies and silver mountain dew flasher and mirage flies. The steelhead continue to hit the mongoose super slim, coyote ugly super slim and the bloody nose pulled behind 300 and 200 copper.

Still no good reports on perch fishing out of Holland or Saugatuck or South Haven. Pier fishing continues to be good for sheephead and catfish and some small mouth bass.

Next week should be interesting, not knowing if the salmon are going to be there or are we back to lake trout fishing with occasional silver fish. What ever the result, the fishing should be good. For information or for charter reservations, email me at captron@chartermichigan.com.

Captain Ron Westrate
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