Here’s a fresh Leech Lake bobber fishing and bottom bouncing report from local guide Brian Brosdahl:

“Brian Brodahl here with your Leech Lake fishing report for AnglingBuzz.

“Right now, bottom bouncing is the way to go and you’ll see I have a two ounce bottom bouncer here. There’s a lot of fish on the main lake hanging on the steep breaks. Remember when you’re fishing that mud-to-hard bottom edge where the rocks or the sand meet the mud, you want your bait to float. Don’t just drag the bottom bouncer on the bottom, especially if there’s mud, because you’re just going to make a big mushroom cloud.

“You see I’m running a single hook rig. If I catch a big fish, I’m going to release it fast. The water temperatures are pushing 80 degrees which is very dangerous for big fish. So there’s one technique. Throw a crawler or a leech on and go to the main lake basin in 18-22 feet.

“Of course, I like speed corking, too. Just go around, find the fish, and drop the bobber on them. Use a swivel with a little sinker above it and an RZ Jig on the business end. Find the fish and drop the bobber behind the boat, or Spot-Lock and fish that way.

“If you want to catch fish up in the weeds, remember that shallow bays aren’t so good right now. There’s even some slight summer kill going on.

“For panfish, a tiny little Mimmic Minnow is my number one bait on Leech Lake. Throw it up into the weeds and slow-roll it back. Chunks of crawler will catch perch, crappies, everything.

“If you really want to get bit or you’re fishing with kids, take a Mimmic Minnow Spinnerbait, a bigger one in Firetiger and roll through the weeds. You’re going to catch a bunch of fish.

“Leech Lake, the fish are biting. Perch are shallow and the walleye are deeper. Remember, if you’re going to throw a fish back, be really quick with this hot water. Good luck on Leech Lake, have a great time.

That wraps things up for this Bro’s Leech Lake bobber fishing and bottom bouncing report. Check back next week for another report from beautiful Leech Lake!