With this my first report I’m gonna catch everybody up on Lake Winnipeg and some history. The big lake or big windy as we call her is a giant sand bowl with very little, if any, structure to speak of. The occasional sandbar or gradual depth change is all you can really find. The fish we are after are aptly name Greenback walleye or just the greenback, nicknamed for their iridescent green coloring unique to Lake Winnipeg walleye.

Over the years if you found a good group of fish, you will have small, medium, and large size walleye in the mix, but the lake has been changing over the last few years. Younger year classes of fish are coming up and older ones are dying off and for the first time that I have seen there is a strong separation between smaller eater class fish in the 14-16 inch range and the bigger fish 25 inch and over. On top of that we are missing a few year classes of fish with very few fish in the 18-24 inch class.

This year and last we’ve been seeing that giant year class of 14 to 16 inch walleyes infesting the lake at all corners which is making for some of the best bites we’ve ever had for numbers, however getting into these hot bites of hundreds of fish per day generally means fewer if any bigger fish. You almost have to stay away from these hot bites if you want to have any success for numbers of bigger fish.

Right now your typical February bite is taking place where much of the lake seems devoid of fish however if you do find them they will be packed together tight over smaller areas, maybe up to a few hundred yards. Getting on these pods can make for some of the best action you have had all year, the trouble is finding them. That is where mobility is key and fishing outside and on the run really is important when on the search for green gold

This year no specific presentations seem to be shining over any others with lipless rattle baits and spoons of varied sizes getting bit.

I’ve been having really great luck with the new 2.5 inch Kamooki Smartfish in white glow and firetiger color patterns well as 3 1/4″ Pelican Lures flutter spoons and downsized 2″ Pelican Lures Tickle jigs, which are a banana shape spoon, in the same green/perch patterns.

That’s my valentines day fishing report with the goods on Lake Winnipeg so far this year.

Check back for more and keep your lines tight!

Donovan Pearase
Blackwater Cats Outfitter