The bite on Lake Winnipeg has been very slow. You need to drill a bunch of holes, spread out and use mobility to get numbers of fish right now. This has become especially difficult with the extreme cold conditions we have been experiencing throughout our region.

Some areas of Lake Winnipeg have better numbers of eater-sized walleye with the occasional big one, while other areas seem to have nothing but plus-sized fish that are very spread out. You will get multiple shots at big fish almost everyday, but now more than ever, it’s important to make each and every bite count. Every week we are getting multiple fish in the 30-inch range.

Big spoons like the 3 1/4″ Pelican flutter spoons are a go-to. Pinks, purples, blues, as well as golds and silvers are flipping the switch most days for our crew. There have been short windows where horizontal rattle baits like the Kamooki Smart Fish are triggering bites as well.

It’s taking hard work and determination to get into fish right now.

Respect the Grind! …and make the most of your opportunities!

Donovan Pearase
Blackwater Cats Outfitter