With some of the busiest recreational weeks of the year on Vermilion upon us, there remains a plethora of great angling opportunities given the hex hatches and midsummer “lulls”.




The best way I can describe the walleye fishing the past week is variable. Some days will be more difficult than others, however I find this to me more dependent on weather rather than the more well known mayfly effect. Even though this season has had a very large hex hatch to this point, I haven’t found it to effect angling at the copious amounts that one might imagine given the clouds of flies surrounding the lake.

As of late your best bite has been occurring in 22-36ft sand/mud or rock/mud transitional areas. I always preach using your Humminbird’s side imaging skills is a necessity to anglers who are not on the water daily. Rigging crawlers and leeches at slow speeds has been a staple in my boat. At this time of year more than any, I don’t fish blindly; fish with confidence, stay on top of fish, and keep it right in front of their eyes. Keep in mind, there is a lot of competition down there.




Smallies are finally starting to consistently be found on deeper structure. Primary and secondary structure is holding fish. Larger isolated boulders with sand nearby have been catching your larger smallmouth. Slip bobbering leeches is always a go to, however creature type plastics and tubes will also catch numbers.




The muskie fishing has remained nothing short of AWE-some. Fish are consistently hitting the bag which many may be hesitant to say with the toothy critters as this can change at any time. Big fish are being caught in open water with fish moving on your secondary structure as well. I have been fishing fast lately and it has paid dividends; something to keep in mind with bait selection.

I have a few openings remaining for July; book today before it’s too late!

Jarek Wujkowski
Rodsbent Guide Service

Vermilion Musky