This great season of fishing on Vermilion just continues! The large changes in pressure and weather systems from day-to-day seem to have had no effect on the fishing, and if anything improved the bite.




The shallow water bite has continued to be hot. Average size has been excellent as well as plenty of slot fish thrown into the mix on each ends of the lake. I like to look for a combination of factors before deciding where to start fishing at this time year. Either primary structure (points, fingers, etc.) or secondary (mid-lake reefs), windblown, and a mud flat nearby. Hex hatches are occurring in areas of the lake and its important to key in on said areas. Paying close attention to bait presentation is critical at this time year; always remember that there is PLENTY of food down there and the walleyes are gluttons now. Interpret that how you will. Leeches or crawlers have been my mainstays, some days fish prefer one or the other, so narrow it down as you start to catch fish. I have heard of some good action in your deeper sand and mud transitions however this is day-to-day based on wind speed and other factors. Water temps have been ranging from 64-68. With the forecasted cold front, I expect walleye action to continue to be good part way into next week.



The variable weather patterns we have had the last week have had BIG fish on the MOVE! Really keep an eye out for any kind of wind and barometric pressure changes and try to be in your best areas at those times. Structure and weedlines have been producing as has a little open water. Burning Bigtooth Tackle Company Mag 8’s has put fish in the bag as well as rubber.



Fish are in transition and finding your upper end smallies has been a little tougher. Searchbaits worked in 4-13ft around your larger boulders is a goto now for getting on your larger fish. Slip bobbering with leeches on your primary rock structures like points and fingers will also find numbers.

Northern Pike


Casting chartreuse bladed mepps in deeper cabbage will catch fish on the west end. I do still prefer using a jig/sucker combo in more predictable areas. Trolling Rapala F11’s along weed edges has been very successful for many anglers lately.

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Jarek Wujkowski
Rodsbent Guide Service