This last week seems to have been a continuation of the last with good multi species action persisting on the Big V! Keying in on lower light periods and continuing to move from spot to spot, basin to basin will pay off. Many anglers will get discouraged if not on a good bite, and this will then lead to complacency and a lack of faith in mobility. Let me reassure everyone, being mobile is so crucial at this time. Numerous outings may start slow and finish hot! There are always fish biting somewhere.


The far eastern basin of the lake has been tougher than most with many fish scattering across open water and mud flats. Trolling lead across breaklines adjacent to this deeper water has produced for many anglers. #5 flicker shads and shad raps seem to have been the ticket. With the cooler nightime temps I have also stumbled upon a few great bites on shallow rock structure as well in these areas. Moving a little further east and continuing to the western ends of the lake, fishing has been great as well. Dragging live bait rigs with crawlers or leeches on deeper sand of 17-25ft have produced some awesome outings. I like to look for sand adjacent to long stretches of rock structure now. #7 and #9 jigging raps and Moonshine shiver minnows have also produced some epic bites when fish are located near large schools of perch fry. Stay mobile and optimize your graphing skills!


I have heard reports of many fish being in a null mood as of late, however as always persistence during optimal feeding windows will pay dividends. Like most musky anglers know, this can change in a heartbeat. As with the prior week, windblown structure adjacent to deeper water, as well as deep cabbage edges are good areas to start your search. Triple bladed apaches by Musky Frenzy have been working well for anglers while consistently varying blade color, size, and retrieve speed. Rubber jerk baits are always a staple on Vermilion as well. When weather allows topwaters are a good bet as well as after dark. As always, this recycled fishery requires CPR in a smart and timely manner!


Bass fishing continues to be very good. Primary points extending off islands and mainland in the 10-15ft range continue to reign supreme. Using your side-imaging to locate large boulders and working around them has been key to finding larger fish. Mid lake structure has also produced some big bites; again, I like to look for smaller more isolated reefs with just a few large boulders. Once located, it should be game on! Good luck to all in the coming week!
Jarek Wujkowski
Rodsbent Guide Service