Things are really heating up on the big lake as of late. The monsoons this past weekend and now a heatwave with glass calm water have graced us with some less than stellar fishing conditions, however optimizing your key fishing times will lead to great catches across the board! Getting out early and staying out late should be top priority. Water temps have been skyrocketing and this trend will continue into the weekend. All these things in conjunction have kicked big bug hatches into full swing and transitioning fish into their typical mid summer patterns.


I will categorize this one not as “day-to-day”, but hour to hour would be a better way to put it, if this makes sense. Hex hatches are in full swing leaving a ton of amino filled larvae down there; this results in some light bites and means location is ultra important as you nearly need to knock fish on top of the head to get bit. We’ve had some stellar bites into today, with some great eaters and tons of awesome slot fish. Fishing has been good on both the east and west ends of the lake, however one must get out at first light. Starting at 5am and fishing through the early morning is the best time to key in on, as well as your twilight hours. Flat calm conditions will cause fish to scatter so moving frequently is very important! It’s always best to start your morning off with a gameplan of locations to keep moving to, graphing, wetting a line for a few minutes, and repeat. This pattern will put many fish in the boat if done correctly. Lindy rigging along sand to mud transitions of 20-25ft will put plenty of eater sized fish in the boat. Leeches and crawlers at slow speeds are the best bet. My favorite bite has been on the rocks. Big rock adjacent to mud flats reign supreme for quality unders and overs. BIG leeches are the go to. Nothing wrong with letting the rod bend and drag scream on some big walleyes!


Not much has changed in this department. Key in on cabbage edges with jig/minnow combos as well as casting spinnerbaits and stickbaits. Slow trolling these edges and open water will put some larger fish in the bag as well.

Vermilion Musky


The best bite has been in your lakes open water basins however we have boated fish on rock structure as well. The influx of larvae rising to the surface has pushed tullibee and whitefish high into the water column and the muskies are not far behind! Trolling or casting, its a horse a piece. Keep in mind with water temps rising that it’s extremely important to do CPR (catch photo release) in a timely manner!


Some quality smallies have been starting to show up on your deeper breaks and structure. Keying in on the 8-15ft range and looking for big boulders with your side imaging will yield some drag peelers!