If you’re looking for the latest Lake Vermilion fishing report, you’ve come to the right place. This week, we have local, veteran guide Billy Rosner sharing some great information for catching bass, walleye and muskies right now one of Minnesota’s best and most beautiful multi-species fisheries.

Here’s what Billy had to say about what’s been going on right now on Lake Vermilion:

“The bass bite has really picked up here for both largemouth and smallmouth bass. I’ve been throwing Storm 360GT Searchbaits. The four and a half incher will catch you a lot of bass. Topwaters are working really well right now, doing that is a blast.

“Walleyes are kind of in a transition right now. They are out off the first break and they are moving out onto some of the reefs. Look for those transition lines, that’s where your electronics really come into play. Look for hard bottom, rock and gravel in and around the sand and mud. Speaking of mud, that mud bite is going to start really picking up here. Don’t forget your weeds, too. You find that sand grass, you’re going to find a lot of bait fish there. Those areas are putting out walleye, too. Leeches on rigs, leeches on slip bobbers, Jigging Raps. I’ve been catching some fish on that VMC Hair Jig, too.

“The muskies are in a transition right now, too. They’re moving out of the bays and they are getting ready to setup on some of those deeper weedlines and some of the rocky structure and points. The open water bite where they’re out chasing tullibee is going to pick up this week.

“Have a great week and we’ll talk to you next time!”

There you have it, the latest Lake Vermilion fishing report from Billy Rosner. We’ll be uploading new fishing report every week from Vermilion throughout the summer, so make sure to check back in next week for another report. The walleye bite should only continue to improve, and as Billy said, the muskies are starting to move out into the open water en mass, so that bite should only get better and better for the anglers willing to wander the depths in search of a monster musky.