Another fantastic week of fishing with creel numbers ranging from 11 to 22 fish. The creel continues to be dominated by lake trout, however there are 4 to 6 salmon in each days catch. Many of the king salmon are pushing or exceeding 20 pounds and the coho are pushing 12 pounds. Early in the morning the fishing is very good in 60 to 80 foot of water with salmon making up the majority of the catch. Once the sun comes up the salmon catch decreases but the lake trout action takes off. What we have seen the last few days is that as the action slow toward mid day, and as we move out into 100 foot of water, the fish that are taken are much larger in size. Most of the 20+ pound salmon come during this time.

Early in the day glow Ace Hi plugs and glow lures produced well on 200 and 300 copper. The water is beginning to warm, and as the day progresses the lake trout and the salmon are both taken off the bottom in 90 to 110 foot of water. The best combinations are silver and silver/mountain dew spin doctors with mirage with and green beads.

There have been some reports of perch fishing success off of the Holland piers in 40 foot of water. This is very unpredictable, and one day you will find the fish here and the next day they are gone.

Again there is very little change predicted in the weather forecast, so I would predict that the fishing should not change much in the next week. For more information or to make a charter reservation, email me at

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