When you think of in the jumbo Perch in the Midwest, anglers immediately think of North and South Dakota. But all across the Dakotas are shallow water duck sloughs which are often loaded with jumbo perch that see little to no pressure. 

We are out here in South Dakota searching around on a 15 acre duck slough looking for jumbo Perch.

Whats great about these duck sloughs is that they are incredible fertile and small bodies can support large numbers of jumbo Perch. These bodies of water tend to have a lot of freshwater shrimp in them which really is the key to growing these big perch fast.

Fishing on these duck sloughs is pretty simple. Because they are so small you can usually figure out the fish pretty quick. Start by drilling holes a few feet from shore straight out into the middle of the lake. 

Check the depth at each hole and look for fish. A Humminbird Helix 7 Ice on flasher mode is key here, because the water in these duck slough is often muddy with low visibility so underwater cameras are limited. 

If you are able to find bait you will almost always find jumbo Perch. Once you find what area the fish are keying in on you can punch holes in similar spots to stay on the fish all day. 

jumbo perch

As far as gear goes for these jumbo Perch we like to use a mix of spoons and jigs tipped with plastics or live bait. Ideally we prefer plastics over live bait simply because you have to rebait my hook much less and can catch multiple Perch on the same plastic.  

Fishing out here on these bodies of water is probably your best chance of getting a really trophy perch like a 14 or 15 incher, and while searching for that you are just going to get a nice mess of big fish in that 11, 12, and 13 inch range.

The duck sloughs of the Dakotas are hidden gems for jumbo Perch.