When you are shopping for a new ice fishing rod, you are going to be presented with several options. You’ve got several good manufactures that are making really nice rods.

Today we are going to determine if you should go with a carbon graphite ice rod or a fiberglass ice rod.

The big difference between the two is how you are going to detect the bites.

Let’s start off with a glass rod. 

In my hand I have the Tuned Up Customs Rods Bullwhip which is a 32-inch glass ice rod. It has got a real nice sensitive tip and with a glass rod, you are going to see the bites, rather than feel them. The rod will load up and it’s a visual thing.

When talking about the carbon blanks you are really going to feel the bite. The rod as a whole will be much more sensitive, allowing you to feel the bites through the line and the rod. 

When it comes to choosing the ice rods length you have to look at where you are going to fish. If you like fishing inside a house, you will want to get a smaller rod around 30 inches or smaller. It makes it a lot easier to manage in the compact space of an ice house.

If you are going to be fishing outside longer rods are generally the way to go. You can fish standing up and it is easier and comfier to fish outside with longer rods.