We have four different sport fishes here at Hawk Lake Lodge in Ontario. A lot of people come for the trophy walleye and that’s a lot of fun, but we also have incredible bass fishing, great smallie fishing. There’s some excellent lake trout fishing early and late in the season, and pike action pretty much whenever you want to catch them.

So depending on what you want to catch and how you want to go after them, we can put you on a lake and you can have a ball doing it.

Enter Al Lindner, who’s a big fan of fishing up on Hawk Lake:

“When you come up here, you can have 100 fish days with the portage lakes and everything. It’s a fun, fun area. This trip, we’ve put most of our time on the smallmouth bass We jumped around and fished some of the back lakes. The drill here is really simple: you eat at 7:30 to 8:30 in the morning, then they take off to all the different lakes. Everybody fishes for a while, then you come back in for social hour from 5:00 to 6:00 in the evening, and then after that everybody goes back out, usually on the main lake here. They fish smallmouth throughout the day, and then in the evening, they go to catch one of these Hawk Lake monster walleyes.

“That’s usually the drill in the summertime here. When you find some of these gems like this in Ontario, it’s easy to see why a whole lot of the people keep coming back year after year after year.”

Hawk Lake Lodge is a true trophy fishing destination. It’s obviously famous for those massive, trophy-sized walleyes like you can see Al and Troy Lindner catch in the video above, but it’s also an incredible area for both smallmouth bass fishing and northern pike fishing. It’s an extremely high-end lodge with incredible amenities and the fishing to match.

Unfortunately, the US/Canadian border is closed right now due to COVID-19, but once it opens back up, Hawk Lake will be on the short list of fishing destinations we want to get back to as soon as possible!