Fall is time for hunting….Whether in a tree stand or in the Lund, hunting deer or walleyes is what I love to do.  Some of the best fishing this time of year happens after the sun goes down.

Giant Green Bay walleyes move up on structure in search of healthy snacks.  As walleyes prepare for winter and egg development food is crucial.

Trolling stick baits like the Berkley Flicker Minnows with lead-core or snap weights is a very effective method for catching fall walleyes.  Another method that is effective all year is snap jigging minnow style baits like the Custom Jigs ans Spins RPM’s, Johnny Darters, Jiggin Raps or Shiver Minnows. Using a good fluorocarbon line like the Seaguar Abrazx in the clear water is a must.

As the sun sets, find the top of a reef that is holding some fish and start snapping.  Good numbers of chunky eaters along with a few large females are waiting for you.

Take advantage of some of the best fishing of the year with little to no pressure from other anglers.  Good Luck Everyone and be sure to grab a few extra batteries for the headlamps!