With water temps near the 80s on most local lakes, fish are going nuts and it’s not uncommon to go out and come home with a mixed bag of fish. We have been fishing the past few days in the shallows, working anywhere from 7 – 10 feet while pulling spinners with a crawler. We have been catching walleyes, crappie, northerns, and even some rock bass and blue gills mixed in with this approach. Fishing has been fun and should continue to be as the seasons change.

When focusing on walleyes, I have mainly been working my mid-lake humps anywhere from 19-22 feet. These fish have been aggressive and are hitting the bait hard, even with a full crawler I haven’t had to feed too much line to get a nice hook set. My main setup for this technique is a plain hook with a 3/8 or 1/4 oz. bullet weight tied off on a swivel, with a 5-6 foot snell attached to a plain red hook. Pulling at speeds of 1.2-1.5 has been most productive.

There has also been a decent crappie bite going on. We have been catching crappies all day long on a slip bobber, plain hook, and a crappie minnow. By focusing heavily on weedbeds I have been able to catch them anywhere from 5 – 9 feet and it seems when you find them, they are hungry and eager to bite. The weather looks perfect to spend some time on the lakes coming up so get out there and enjoy these beautiful days while you can.

Remember, early ice is on the horizon and I personally cannot wait!

Tight Lines

Chris Berglund
Team Yukon Outdoors