Find Obscure Structure on Mud Flats.

When you are setting off to fish the mudflats of Mille Lacs there are a few things you should look for that will help you catch more fish.

When it comes to these mudflats there can be a lot more than meets the eye. You want to look for any irregularity you can find on the map. It could be as simple as a tiny point that sticks out, or a small irregularity in the contour line. You just want to look for something that looks a little different from the rest.

A lot of people don’t know these mudflats can have rock, sand, small cracks, and other obscure structure on them that attach and hold fish in a rather featureless area.

Today I pulled the Yetti fish house out to set up on one of the flats.

I wanted to make sure I set up in a spot that was a little different from the rest. I saw an irregularity on the map I wanted to check out. I drilled a few holes and dropped the Aqua Vu camera down and found a small trench cutting across the mudflat.  It is the little things like that in this long and rather featureless mudflat that will help you catch more fish.