Early Ice Helix Navigation

Like most people, I grew up using a flasher and I’ve been really accustomed to that. When hummingbird introduced the Helix series for ice fishing I’m not gonna lie I really fought that technology especially for sonar usage.

I thought yeah it’s got the map and that’s a big deal but, when they first came out there was just a slight lag. That has completely changed. Now, these LCD units have no lag and run at a blistering speed.

You also have so many more options with the Helix compared to a regular flasher. You’ve got a flasher screen, you have also got your traditional 2d sonar.

You have your zoom mode and most importantly you have your map.

Now the map comes in handy every time you are out on the ice, but it can be used as an added safety measure when venturing out onto early ice.

When you head out on to early ice the ice conditions often varify and can be somewhat treacherous.

The Humminbird Helix is extremely valuable for these situations, especially for safety.

You can use the map feature to follow your trail.

Before we even set foot on the ice I have this unit powered up and I’m recording a trail and everywhere I’m going out here. I’m checking the ice the spud and with an auger to know that we’re in good shape and I’m carrying the fish finder with me.

Now I’ve got a trail to know where I can safely walk.