Crappies are notorious sight feeders that often examine baits for long periods of time before reluctantly striking, but that’s not always the case. Under the right conditions, crappies can be surprisingly aggressive, despite their tentative nature. Baits that trigger strikes can turn nibblers in mashers in nothing flat.

In this video, Al Lindner and James Lindner are targeting slab crappies in late summer / early fall as they begin setting up near their wintering areas. In many reservoirs and natural lakes across the country, crappies make very predictable seasonal movements and early fall is as good of a time to target them as any.

The presentation of choice for both Al and James during this primetime bite is ripping Jigging Raps, which are traditionally known for their ice fishing prowess. The Lindner boys have had a load of success with this bait in open water, primarily for crappies, walleyes and perch. Al believe that this bait is actually more effective in open water than it is through the ice, believe it or not. It’s ability to be fished quickly and to trigger strikes is unmatched.