No question about it, one of the biggest revolutions in angling over the years has been the advent of GPS and mapping technologies.

It’s amazing today what’s available from the new fish finders in terms of cartography. We have high definition maps that are available for a ton of different lakes across the country.

But we all know that the best thing about our “secret fishing hole” is that it’s fairly unknown and off the beaten track. Most of these hidden gems don’t have reliable up-to-date contour maps available to help you zero in on the spot-on-the-spot.

We fish a lot of small lakes and rivers in our region of the country that either have old, inaccurate maps or don’t have anything at all. It can really be a struggle to precisely fish the various main lake structures without having something to use as a reference.

This is where DIY mapping technology like AutoChart Live can make a world of difference. It gives you the ability to create your own map on lakes where a Lakemaster chip just doesn’t cut it. It’s as easy as clicking a couple buttons on your Humminbird, and voila, you have current, up-to-date high definition maps of your favorite “hidden” lake or river.

This technology isn’t new, but it was previously out of reach for the majority of anglers due to price. This feature is now available to the weekend angler who only has a size 5 unit in their boat. You no longer need a flatscreen TV on your counsel to take advantage of this technology.

If we’re talking about revolutions in the fishing industry, DIY mapping systems absolutely need to be near the top of the list.


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