Simply put, the good bite continues. This week saw anglers continuing to catch limits of walleye throughout the Devils Lake system. Excellent reports have been the norm., so much in fact that many anglers are thinking that this summer’s fishing has been the best they have seen.

Crankbait trolling has fired up and will continue improving through August. Flicker Shads and Shad Raps have been the top producers. Preferred colors will vary with the water clarity, but any color combination featuring white will get you started.

Spinners with bottom bouncers continue to produce well for many and that bite should last well into September. Day in day out, mid-summer spinner fishing is a hard presentation to beat here. Chartreuse spinners with orange and chartreuse beads will put walleye and pike in your boat.

The East Bay fishing has been a top producer for many anglers. August is a good month for structure fishing throughout the system. A word of caution, quickly developing afternoon thunderstorms have continued to chase anglers off the lake. Watch the weather visually and with weather apps. Good advice would be to try and launch as close as you can to the area you will be fishing in. As with any large body of water, Devils Lake can be a very unforgiving mistress when storms appear on the horizon. With this good bite we are experiencing, we at Mitchell’s Guide Service encourage anglers to practice voluntary conservation measures.

May your fishing experience at Devils Lake be safe, memorable and productive.

Pete Harsh
Mitchell’s Guide Service