In recent years there has been a growing appreciation for burbot. More ice anglers are finding interest in the hard fight and large sized fish. Generally throughout the year most burbot are caught after dark, but there is a time around mid March were there is a good daytime burbot bite.

During the spawning period burbot gather together in large groups in depths ranging from 15-30 feet depending on the lake.  This is when anglers can expect to encounter burbot during the day and the best bite is often mid day to mid afternoon.

During this daytime burbot bite some good baits include Trout and Pout Spoons, VMC Hot Skirt Jigs, tube jigs and rattle baits, but the common theme with all the baits is that they all come in glow colors.

Glow baits have been key for burbot fishing at night, but also during the day. Glow colors have just tended to work better for those daytime burbots. Whatever bait you choose you will want to load it up with bait. I prefer to use half a minnow on each treble hook. Fishing at bottom or with a foot of the bottom will account for most of your burbot catches. 

When searching for daytime burbot good places to look are sharp breaks off of weed flats. Often good walleye spots can be good burbot spots too. The sharper the break the better generally and these fish can really key in on a certain depth.

Because burbot have the tendency to key in on a certain depth, you always want to stay on the move. I will generally fish a hole for about 5 to maybe 10 minutes and then move.

When you head out there if you can find likely burbot spots, use your glow baits, and stay on the move you can hook into some daytime burbot.