For this weeks buzz bite report for the Dakotas we will start off at Lake Oahe in South Dakota. We found water temps in the high forties to low fifties, but they are quickly on the rise.

The walleyes have spawned out for the most part, but we still finding fish in shallow, generally in less that fifteen feet of water.

Most of the fish came in that seven to eleven foot range. They were schooled up on main lake points, creek mouths, and any wind blown shorelines with hard rocky bottoms.

Jigging a minnow is definitely the program you know keeping the boat in 15 feet of water and then pitching up towards the shoreline. Dragging your jigs back is also producing walleyes.

Devils lake in North Dakota has been pretty hit or miss. Water temps are on the rise and all the walleyes are all post spawn. The fish have been shallow anywhere from three to seven feet of water.

Slip bobbers and leeches definitely seem to be the best presentation. You can catch them other ways as well like casting crank baits and pitching jigs, but slip bobbers have been the most consistent.

In order to find these walleyes get the back to the ends of the bays, and if you can find some type of rock or gravel shoreline it is gonna be worth checking out. Utilize your electronics find fish. They have been pretty spread out so stay mobile.

There are also some shore fishing opportunities on Devils right now. Any shores with rock or rip rap are worth casting. Also creek mouths have also been a good spot for shore fishing.

Good luck out in the Dakotas and if you are looking to get out you can reach me through my website.


Contact Information:

Guide: Jason Mitchell

Cell: 701-351-1890