The walleye bite continues to be very good in central Wisconsin along with a pretty good crappie bite as well. We have also been picking up a few nice pike and bass. Water temperatures continue to hover around that 80 degree mark making it tough for musky fishing but a few guys are targeting them early and late in the day and they are picking up some nice fish.

The walleyes continue to be our bread and butter this summer and with the recent warm weather the bite continues to be very good. We had to make a few changes in presentation by fishing deeper water but once we found them it was game on!

Crappie anglers will be happy to know that we are finding large schools of fish in most of the area lakes and the Wisconsin River system. Slip bobbers rigged at various depths has been the number one producer but we are also picking up some nice fish casting 1/16 th ounce jigs tipped with plastics or small fathead minnows. We are mainly targeting 12 to 16 FOW but we are going as deep as 20+ feet at times to find them.

If you are looking for hard fighting fish we have been picking up some nice catfish on the Wisconsin River. Most of the time these are incidental catches while walleye fishing but these are some feisty fish that will put up one heck of a fight. If you would like to target them specifically try 1/8 th ounce jigs tipped with either a small sucker minnow or a large night crawler and work it through deep water areas that you would normally target for walleyes. The nice thing with this presentation is that you really never know what you are going to catch once you toss your bait in. You may be targeting catfish but the Wisconsin River system is a multi-species system and a lot of the different species all live in the same areas. Who knows what you will end up with on the other end of your line?

Have a great week,

Phil Schweik
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