Storing your ice fishing rods during the offseason always seems to be an issue. 

They end up clustered in a five-gallon bucket or you end up storing them in a carrying case but both options take up a lot of space and can be hard on your gear. 

I also personally like to have access to my rods for ice fishing to see what I have on hand and a great option for storage is Catch Cover rod rack.

 These things are inexpensive and they allow you to store all your ice rods taking up minimal space.

Against the wall stored vertically just like I have my open water rods, I’m going to show you how easy it is to install this and now you’ll have organized rods all season long.

All you need to install is a few pieces of equipment. I’ve got a drill. I’ve got a few screws here. I also have a stud finder which isn’t really necessary but it helps. The last thing I have is a level.

I’ll get started just find a stud and away we go there perfect all right so I’m just going to get this started with one screw so I’m going to get this thing started just now I’m just going to level it out here

The Catch Cover rod Racks are a super slick system to keep your rods out of the way and easily accessible.