Attracting Fish to your Hole with Spoons.

When it comes to catching walleye through the ice, no lure that’s done more damage than a spoon. In this video, Jason Mitchell explains how you should be fishing when you’re NOT marking anything on your flasher. Aggressive jigging strokes bring fish to your hole, then you can reach into your bag of tricks to seal the deal.

When it comes to catching walleyes through the ice I don’t know if there’s a lure category that’s done more damage than the spoon.

I mean there are all kinds of different brass and lead spoons they come in a lot of different shapes and sizes leach flutters through that’s been on fire here the last couple of years but you look at rattle spoons and they’re just an endless variety of colors.

A great benefit of ice spoons is the ability to call fish to you.

Depending on the spoon it could be the flash, sound, action, or a combination that attracts the fish to you from a distance.

When you’re not marking fish don’t be afraid to fish extremely aggressive. A lot of time I’m really pounding on the bottom, smacking of that lure.

Don’t be afraid and especially in clear water really lift that spoon up because it again will fish and see it much further away.

Hopefully, these few tips will help you in attracting fish to your hole with winter.