Jigging Prespawn Great Lakes Walleyes


Cool Products: Soft Plastics Today

Cool Products: Soft Plastics Today Soft plastics can be used in a bunch of different presentations from small panfish plastics, up to big foot long rubber baits designed for muskies. Northland Eye-Candy Series The Northland Eye-Candy series of plastics features five...

Topwater Tactics for Smallmouth Bass

Topwater Tactics for Smallmouth Bass: The X-Rap Prop is an excellent topwater bait for smallmouth bass. It has unique characteristics that make it appealing to the fish, and it can be used with a slow, steady retrieve or a fast, ripping retrieve.

Minnesota’s Quality Sunfish Initiative

Dave Weitzel, of the Minnesota DNR, takes a look at the Quality Sunfish Initiative and explains its benefits on bluegill size in Minnesota's waters. Minnesota's Quality Sunfish Initiative The Quality Sunfish Initiative was created to help improve the size structure of...

Shallow Cover for Largemouths in Spring

Spring is a great time to fish new lakes to assess their fishing potential. To catch largemouth bass in early spring, search for submerged wood or remnant weeds in the shallows.

Fall Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass in Clear Water

Largemouths and smallmouth bass in clear water may use different depths and cover options in fall. Fishing partners should use alternative lure styles to strain different depths. Every day on the water offers a new learning experience, and fishing for largemouth and...

Nighttime Walleyes from Shore

Nighttime Walleyes from Shore Nighttime walleyes are even more numerous in shallow water at certain times of year than at others. When I was a youngster I spent a lot of time growing up in the Northwoods, I often hoped on my bike to ride to a lake to fish from shore...

Kayak Fishing for Largemouth Bass

Kayak Fishing for Largemouth Bass: Pat Zara, owner of Paddle Anglers, recently shared a buzz report on his experience kayak fishing for largemouth bass in Brainerd, Minnesota. He shared two techniques he was using to catch the fish: a weightless Texas rig style and a whacky style.

Walleye Spring Crankin’ Shallow Rocks

When walleyes are scattered across shallow rocks and weeds, nothing beats a crankbait presentation for covering water and triggering strikes. The old reliable Rapala Shad Rap excels when fish prefer a subtler lure action.

Gary Parson’s Advice to Walleye Tourney Anglers

Anytime someone as experienced and respected as Gary Parsons hands out advice like this, you best listen up! This particular video is for all of you hoping to one-day fish walleye tournaments on the professional level. If that's you, this is must-hear advice. Parson's...

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