Fresh Fish Tacos

Fish tacos is a great way to make a little bit of fish go a long way and they are delicious. Avid angler and cook Jeremy Smith shares his favorite recipe for fish tacos! Fresh Fish Tacos Now there's a number of ways that you can make fish tacos and I'm going to share...

Advanced Electronics Enhance Fall Crappie Success

When crappies move deep in fall, modern electronics reveal their depth and location. Advanced trolling motors allow you to stay on active schools with ease.

Leadcore Trolling for Summer Walleyes

Leadcore Trolling for Summer Walleyes The whole key to catching walleyes in open water is replication, and that's what leadcore trolling does so well. It enables you to put the bait at the exact same depth it was last time you caught a fish. We've been experimenting...

Where & When to Use Livebait vs Plastics

Where & When to Use Livebait vs Plastics Some anglers are purists when it comes to choosing between livebait and plastics for walleye fishing. The best anglers understand that there's a time and place for everything. Joel Nelson breaks down how he approaches the...

Using the Tokyo Rig for Walleye: A New Presentation

The Tokyo Rig is a fairly new presentation to the fishing community and is designed for largemouth bass in heavy cover. However, it can actually be a great walleye bait when used in the right situation.  It works similarly to a bottom bouncer and presents your bait...

Find Fish Fast with Swimbaits (Multi-Species)

If you want to find fish fast, it's tough to beat a swimbait, no matter what species of fish you're targeting. They work in almost any situation and the rigging options are endless. We use them for walleyes, smallmouth bass, pike, and they become massively important...

Where Spring Panfish Hangout

Where Spring Panfish Hangout Did you know that spring panfish are many anglers favorite fish? Midwestern anglers have an incredibly diverse set of fishing opportunities at their fingertips. You name the target species, we've got'em in both size and numbers. If you...

Crankbaits in Weeds for Bass

When it comes to fishing for bass in weed cover, most anglers wouldn't use crankbaits. James Lindner and Dan Quinn show you why need to use crankbaits in weeds. Crankbaits in Weeds for Bass When it comes to fishing bass in weed cover, most anglers reach for a jig,...

Trolling for Great Lakes Brown Trout

Trolling for Great Lakes Brown Trout In spring, longline troll minnow- or shad-shaped crankbaits for brown trout in bays, harbors and near river mouths flowing into the Great Lakes. Light tackle and small planer boards do the trick.

Hair Jigging Walleye

Hair Jigging Walleye Seems like the walleye world forgot about hair jigs. When the soft bait revolution started and the hair jig got lost in the shuffle.. Once a killer tool in many walleye anglers' arsenal, the hair jig is finally making a comeback after being out of...

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