Dark-Water River Muskies in Fall

Angling Edge staff Jeremy Smith and James Lindner offer up a few tips for targeting river muskies in fall in cloudy or dirty water. Dark-Water River Muskies in Fall In fall, dark-water muskies shift into calmer water near holes and bends. Repetitive casts with loud,...

Smallmouth Bass Location – Lakes vs Rivers

Smallmouth bass location will differ dramatically in lakes compared to river systems and understanding the differences will help you catch more bass! Smallmouth Bass Location - Lakes vs Rivers Smallmouth bass are one of the most adaptable species of fish in...

Wacky Worming Dock Bass

Wacky Worming Dock Bass The game is afoot, and the bass are biting! Troy Lindner goes after largemouths bass-ackwards, walking out on docks and fluttering a wacky worm down on their unsuspecting noses.

Toss Muskie-Sized Jerkbaits for Trophy Pike

Big fish like big meals! That's why trophy pike expert George "Coop" Cooper throws weighted muskie jerkbaits when he's after super-sized pike!

Top Walleye Baits for Ontario

Avid angler Ty Sjodin gives his top walleye baits you should bring if you are planning a trip to Ontario, Canada. Top Walleye Baits for Ontario On most trips to Ontario I like to pack my entire tackle box with all my gear, but in certain situations you don't always...

Swimbait Fishing Gear for Multi-Species Angling

Here’s some swimbait fishing gear that will help you put more fish in the boat, whether you’re targeting walleye, bass, pike, etc. Lures, reels, electronics and clothing that will improve your day on the water. Storm 360 GT Searchbait Let’s kick things off with a...

Kayak Fishing for Largemouth Bass

Kayak Fishing for Largemouth Bass: Pat Zara, owner of Paddle Anglers, recently shared a buzz report on his experience kayak fishing for largemouth bass in Brainerd, Minnesota. He shared two techniques he was using to catch the fish: a weightless Texas rig style and a whacky style.

Tip Jigs with Minnows for Fall Walleye Success

Livebait enhances scent, taste and profile for walleye jigging, particularly for fall walleye success. Experiment with different minnow types and sizes for best results.

Fall Lake Trout in the Northern Manitoba

If you like fall lake trout, then you need to check out the Northern Region of Manitoba. It is a well-known hotbed for trophy lake trout. The fall months offer a prime window of opportunity to hook into multiple world-class fish. Fall Lake Trout in the Northern...

Bluegill Slider Recipe (step-by-step)

Looking for another delicious way to prepare your catch for the table? Try this "Bluegill Slider" recipe from fish photographer and culinary extraordinaire Bill Lindner. Bluegill Slider Recipe (step-by-step) Bluegills are fantastic table fare and what we always want...

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